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Magdalena Limbach

I was left hanging in the space, somewhere between what is real and what I’m not meant to understand. I drift on the edge of sleep and reality, feeling the colours vibrate around me and I’m slowly drowning in my own thoughts, searching for the best way to get to know myself.


The artist from Warsaw, born in 1974, combines classical geometric forms with the lightness of human existence, thus creating the unusual, yet extremely coherent compositions. Her paintings show the viewer a completely different reality, seemingly well-known, yet completely new and surprising, in which people always play the main roles. These artworks vibrate in their colors and seem to have a life of their own that has more to do with our everyday life than meets the eye. It’s like a journey that’s fantastically tangled paths can gently lead us all way through understanding ourselves.


"Birth" (original)

Artist: Magdalena Limbach

Each time someone or something is born, the world is created anew. It depends on you, how many times you'll reborn and what you'll do with your chances.
Price $ 1,120.00

1-12 / 20